Top-quality Engineered Wastewater Treatment

E W Equipment is a representative of manufacturers for top-quality engineered water and wastewater treatment products and equipment. We support both small and large municipal and privately-owned water and wastewater systems. We also serve industrial clients across Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

E W Equipment

Who We Serve

We work closely with consulting engineers, owners, and operators to provide information that is necessary to choose the right equipment for your project.

We are proud to represent some of the most respected names in the industry and offer complete solutions for headworks, screening, clarification, biological processes, nutrient removal, on-site drip dispersal, aeration, mixing, filtration, disinfection, water/wastewater storage, sludge digesters, sludge dewatering, biosolids drying, and odor control.

Our Team

E W Equipment grew out of a strategic partnership. Doug McCord and George Aspinall have been highly regarded professionals in the market for over 40 years.